Close Encounters of the Third Kind

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08/03/02 - Roy Neary (Richard Dreyfuss), an Indiana power line worker, get's himself caught up in government conspiracys and benevolent aliens in Steven Speilburgs special effects masterpiece.

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Centaurs and Close Encounters
"There was a Chiron transit at the end of 1977, when the movie was released and Chiron was discovered, that didn't quite reach the Moon, but stopped for retrogradation at 5,47 Taurus. This is, however, the midpoint of the 2 degree conjunction, and it could still be considered activating the conjunction. On the night of the release, November 16th, transiting Venus in 8,34 Scorpio and Mars in 7,38 Leo were closing on Saturn, the axis of the t-cross configuration.

Wyoming Film Office - Filming locations
Photos of the filming locations used in the movie

Jeff's House of Checklists
Apparently, back in '78, Topps released a set of trading cards for Close Encounters. Jeff Allender's site provides this list for informational purposes only.

Fusion Anomoly
An interesting site. Has many links which literally link the movie to other ideas, concepts, definitions, etc. Includes music samples (the 5 tones and response), dialoge from the movie and more.

Lits Bookstore
"Doo, daa, doo, daa, dum. Musical spaceship lands. Then it takes off again, boy what excitement." - Sorta sums up this guys review of the film.

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The novel version of the movie.
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Close Encounters of the Third Kind (The Collector's Edition) (1977) - DVD
This 2 disc DVD set includes delete scenes, widescreen format, commentary, production notes, trailers and more.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind: The Collector's Edition Soundtrack

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