First Men in the Moon

Directed by: Nathan Juran
Produced by: Charles Schneer
Screenplay by: Nigel Kneale, Jan Read
Rated: NR
Edward Judd Arnold Bedford
Martha Hyer Katherine Callender
Lionel Jeffries Joseph Cavor
Hugh McDermott Richard Challis
Betty McDowall Margaret Hoy
Erik Chitty Gibbs
Laurence Herder Glushkov
Gladys Henson Nursing Home Matron
Miles Malleson Dymchurch Registrar
Sean Kelly Colonel Rice
Gordon Robinson Sergeant Andrew Martin
John Murray Scott Cosmonaut Nevsky
Paul Carpenter Reporter from the 'Express'
Marne Maitland Dr. Tok

News and Reviews

A "made for the movies" version of H.G. Wells' classic about an 1899 moon landing. An eccentric victorian inventor who has developed an antigravity material flies to the moon in a spherical "spaceship". He and his companions are captured by the local residents, an insect-like moon people called the "selenites". They eventually escape, but inadvertantly leave behind cold germs which decimate and destroy the moons population. The special effects in this version of the book are remarkedly good, thanks to the genious of and creativity of Ray Harryhausen. Well's novel was also the basis for George Melies' "Le Voyage dans la Luna" (1902) and again in 1919 by British Gaumont, directed by J.V. Leigh. Summary

"Marvelous adaptation of H. G. Wells novel about a Victorian spaceship blasting off from earth and flying to the lunar surface; the expedition's adventures are riveting. Ray Harryhausen provides excellent stop-motion effects, notably the insect moonmen. His lavish alien civilization and its creatures are a satisfying example of what a ton of imagination on a nominal budget can achieve." - Creature Features

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First Men in the Moon

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